Advertising on Facebook – Learn How To Advertise On Facebook In This One Video!

Advertising on Facebook is the most powerful PPC advertising strategy for most businesses in 2017. Learn how to run successful facebook ads, now!

Although Facebook’s advertising platform is very complex and offers a wide variety of ways you can advertise, the process of getting your ads up and running does not need to be complex or challenging.

This is exactly why I created this video… To help you see how simple it can be to setup an ad on Facebook from start to finish in FB’s power editor.

Learn how to advertise on Facebook in 20 minutes with this one tutorial video. In addition to learning how to setup Facebook ads, you will also learn more about the Facebook advertising tips and strategies that have helped me revolutionize my online business in a few short years.

We start by covering how to setup a facebook campaign that will contain all of your fb ads with tips on how to name your campaign if you have multiple brands, funnels or to keep your campaign history easy to navigate.

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Then we move on to the Facebook ad set level and this is really where the bulk of the Facebook targeting power lies. Making sure your ads display in front of your target market is the most powerful part of the Facebook paid advertising system and this is all controlled at the ad set level.

You will learn the strategy and get a few tips about how to target your best potential customers on FB with the interests and the custom audience features.

If you want to dig deeper into these incredibly valuable segments of the Facebook PPC advertising platform, here are a couple of additional video tutorials you will enjoy.

The audience insight tool to find interests –

Custom Audiences –

Look Alike Audiences –

Finally we move onto creating your FB ads. Understand the strategy behind your ad text, your text placement and your ad image is incredibly important. This is all covered in the tutorial, but you may want to watch this video below that looks at my Facebook ads swipe file and analyzes several successful FB ads.

In all honesty, Facebook marketing has absolutely revolutionized my business and allows me the ability to increase the traffic, leads and conversions into my marketing funnels on demand.

Learning how to market on Facebook does take time and persistence, but all in all it is well worth the energy required with the nearly limitless upside potential it offers you in your online business.

Once you’ve got your facebook advertising setup and running, here are your next steps:

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