Facebook Ads Retargeting Tutorial for Beginners – Facebook Advertising Retargeting Campaigns

Check out our Facebook Ads Retargeting Tutorial for Beginners, which is updated for 2017 and 2018. Facebook advertising retargeting campaigns and retargeting audiences are a great way to reach targeted consumers that are the most likely to convert. We will take you through the process of adding a Facebook pixel to your website, creating Facebook audiences based on your pixel, creating custom conversions to exclude people who have already converted, and how to target Facebook Retargeting audiences with your ad campaigns.

Just a quick note, you might refer to it as Facebook Retargeting Ads or Facebook Remarketing Ads. Our Facebook Ads Remarketing Tutorial is relevant for either term you use because we use them interchangeably.

In addition, you can use our same process to create and target all of your audiences. You can use Facebook ads to target your email list, app activity, website visitors, facebook engagement, instagram engagement, and offline activity actions.

Helpful Facebook Advertising Tutorials:

Facebook Pixel WordPress Tutorial – How to Add the Facebook Pixel to Your Website and Verification:

The first step of creating Facebook Audiences is adding the Facebook Pixel to your website. Our tutorial above should help you understand how to add it to your WordPress website with ease.

Facebook Audiences Tutorial 2018 – Custom Audiences, Retargeting, Lookalike Audiences, and More:

In case you want a more detailed tutorial about Facebook Custom Audiences and all the different Audiences you can create and target with Facebook ads, the tutorial above will be perfect for you. Audiences are vital with Facebook ads and you absolutely want to use them and test them to optimize your Facebook Advertising and Retargeting campaigns.