Renault's New Electric Car Advertising Campaign

Renault, the first car manufacturer to offer a range of four electric vehicles accessible to everybody, reconfirms its commitment by launching an advertising campaign combining humour and education.

• This campaign aims to support the shift to a new era in the automotive industry: electric cars.

•Renault chose a film, devised by Publicis Conseil, showing how simple everyday life is with an electric car.

•The advertising film has already been broadcast in Italy the 18 May 2011 and will appear in France from 30 June. Distribution will then continue in Israel and Australia at the beginning of July, followed by the rest of the world in September.


In a real step change for the automotive industry, the Renault Z.E.* offers a range of cars at affordable prices that meet a variety of needs. It is the embodiment of the Renault brand project to give the largest number of people access to more environmentally-friendly electric mobility. The revolution starts this autumn with the Fluence Z.E, the first electric family saloon from €26,000** including VAT, and the Kangoo Z.E, the first electric van from €20,000** excluding VAT. At the end of the year, these will be joined by the Twizy, the new ultra-compact electric car for urban mobility. Twizy, which is available from €6,990** and provides safe journeys around town, will complete the Renault Z.E.* range.


This funny and poetic film shows with impact how easy is to use an electric car. Directed by Dougal Wilson, the film offers a succession of surprising sketches showing how electricity is already playing a large part in all our lives, before concluding: “we have already switched to electricity for so many things, so why not for travel?”

About this campaign, Stephen Norman, Senior Vice President, Global Marketing and Communication said :”Renault sees its role as helping consumers to make this shift. Thus, rather than approaching electric vehicles from the expected environmental point of view, the company has chosen to approach them from the point of view of everyday life to make the concept more concrete, pleasanter and more accessible”.