Top 10 Funniest BANNED COMMERCIALS! (Best Funny Banned Ads / Advertisements)

Top 10 Funniest BANNED COMMERCIALS! The Best funny ads that weren’t allowed to air on tv up to 2016. Which commercial did you think was the most hilarious?
Scariest & Creepiest Advertisements:
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10. Doritos The First Time Superbowl Commercial:
9. Hilarious Ad:
8. Parents Catch Kids:
7. Footwear Ad Funny Fail:
6. Carl’s Jr Big Sausage Breakfast:
5. Glasses Ad With a Twist:
4. Burger King Girl doesn’t like Small Sub:
3. Funniest Superbowl Commercial Ever:
2. My Personal Favorite Kid & Dad Commercial:
1. Skittles Taste The Rainbow:

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