Top 10 ICONIC Things You Didn’t Know Were Designed for ADVERTISING

We’re all proud of our culture. From music, to food, we think of it as a part of us. We consider it our national or human identity. We enjoy knowing that our own preferences and choices helped create a unique country or region. However, many of the iconic things that we know or take part in today were not started due to simple cultural osmosis. Instead, they were shaped by marketing campaigns by extremely clever advertisers. In many ways, advertisers have managed to change the world without people even catching on.

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10. The Hollywood Sign was Originally a Real Estate Ad
9. The “Traditional” American Breakfast was Designed to Sell Bacon
8. Gendered Clothing Colors are Due to Clothing Advertisements
7. Sweetest Day Was Invented by Big Candy in Order to Drive Up Sales
6. The Need for Deodorant was Actually Taught to People by Advertising
5. “Size Matters” because Advertising (and Porn) Says So
4. Baumgartner’s Leap was Essentially a Giant Red Bull Ad
3. The Recent Surge in Body Acceptance for Women was Started by Dove
2. Basically Everything You Believe About Jewelry
1. The Difference Between “Rich” and “Poor” People Food

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